Ambiant Sans Book
Ambiant Sans Book
Ambiant Sans Book
Ambiant Sans Book
Ambiant Sans Book

Ambiant Sans Book

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Typeface file format: TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT
EULA is included in the package.

Mini — 1-4 CPU’s & 0-10k views/m
Small — 5-30 CPU’s & 10-50k views/m
Medium — 31-50 CPU’s & 50-100k views/m
Large — 51-100  CPU’s & 100-500k views/m
Extra — 101-600  CPU’s & 500k-1mil views/m
Jumbo — 601-1000 CPU’s & 1mil-10mil views/m

Mini is a Single User License. Licenses include a defined number of views on web per month.

Apply for Student Discount code in email (30% Off, only applies to Mini License).
Trial version can be inquired via email.

Character Set:

  • Latin Extended Set 
  • Small and Uppercase letters
  • Numbers, Fractions, Circled Numbers, Tabular Lining
  • Punctuation, Symbols, Mathematical Symbols, Currency

OpenType Features:

  • Ligatures
  • 4 Stylistic Sets (with alternate lowercase "a")
  • Case Sensitive Forms

Available to test on

Ambiant Sans has been used numerous times in various situations by artists and designers equally, including It's Nice ThatFunction Level Marker (Verydeep Records), Minju Kim, Seven Orbits and Utca&Karrier Magazine.